A New Look

I’m excited to announce that Company Ink has a new cover.


company ink new cover

Pretty, no? And I think much more in keeping with the story.


All the advice on publishing your book says to have a professionally designed cover if you can afford it. But sometimes, you just can’t afford it.


Well, I’ve been scrimping and saving and hoarding pennies to be able to follow said advice. And I am so pleased with the result. I think it is much more in keeping with the funny, sassy story that is Company Ink.


And as an added bonus, the sight of a woman’s upper thigh will no longer disturb the delicate sensibilities of Amazon’s cover monitors. Lord knows that a dude’s bare chest and treasure trail is fine, but let’s not allow the same of a lady lest it throw readers into a frenzy of lust… but I digress.


I’ll be switching covers over on Amazon,Goodreads, and everywhere else in the coming days. I hope you all enjoy the new look as much as I do!