So…I Wrote a Book

It’s been an emotional experience putting my first book out into the world. I’ve always made up stories. Sometimes those stories were a way for a shy introverted girl to build a fantasy world around herself, sometimes those stories helped me to sleep when I was older and stress started to enter my world. Often the stories were a way for me to explore an emotion or the way a real life situation could have been, in the most abstract way possible. But the stories were always in my head.


Until now.


I started writing Company Ink on a whim. The first chapter was rage written in one sitting during a stressful, sleepless night. It was heavily edited later on, but the emotions the heroine, Dani, feels about being trapped in a soul-sucking job and no longer recognizing her life or the person in the mirror, her feelings about having to get up again each time life knocks you down, and how hard that is, those stayed.


What started out as a whim turned into a compulsion. A need to tell this story and put a happy ending on a deep-seated emotion that never got one. And in the process I realized how much I love writing.


To be clear, this book is a work of fiction. I’m not Dani, although there is a fair amount of my personality in her. Unfortunately, I’ve never worked with anyone as interesting as Dan. I’ve never fallen in love with “my boss’ boss’ boss. Or something like that I have no idea where he falls in the org chart.”


But while the story is fictional, the emotions are very real.


When I decided to publish this story, I decided that if one person out there could relate to these feelings, and find some joy in the blossoming romance between two best friends, and the sub-plot of a woman finding her way back to herself, I would call this a success.


That has been the most rewarding part of putting this book out there. The response from readers who have also had those feelings, either now, or once upon a time.


I decided to dedicate this book to anyone who feels like their story has been hijacked by a ghostwriter. In other words, anyone who at one time or another, has felt kicked around by life.


If this is you. I’m sorry. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. And it is my sincerest hope that you find some joy in this story about two best friends, kicked around by life, who escape into a happily ever after, hand in hand.


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